Why I have different feelings on roommates

I have been in Sydney for almost five years as an international student. I moved four times since being here, and have around 10 roommates until now. I realize I have different feelings with my roommates. I think there are three factors affect my feeling:

1. The connection between me and my roommates.

2. The compatibility of our values, habits and personalities.

3. The maturity of my roommates and me.

Four Things I Learned during Quarantine in Sydney

Locked in the Cage/ Prison (Home) for over one months. Adversity inspires me to think deeply about life, here are some thoughts I would love to share with friends here:

1. Health is the first priority. Health include both physical health and psychological well-being. Heath is not the result but the mindset. Mindset decides the choice; choice brings out the action; action becomes our habit; habit controls our health.

2. Online teaching is not as good as it thought to be. We human beings love to interact with others face to face. Scientist proved that we imitate  and interact with others well by face to face.

3. Whether or not we can live well with a roommate or a partner depend on two important things: value and habit.

4. Nature disaster is for the person who prepares well.